Activities See below several fun STEM activity packs students can do in their own time at home or can be delivered in class at your school! The teacher can run one of the activities as a competition at the school and by getting in touch with the Flying Start Committee your class has a chance to win prizes depending on how they perform.

FSC Activity Workbook Feel free to download our Activity Workbook! The pack includes lesson material, online resources, and different design activities for all ages. Click on the link to download the pack. FSC Activity Workbook  

Build Your Own Scratch Game

Purchase Ambien Overnight Delivery Interested in gaming/coding or ever wanted to create your own online games? If so try out this activitiy. Use the Handout to find out more and then run through the programming Tutorial to learn how to code and create your very own games.

HANDOUT – Program Your Own Game

Can I Get Ambien Online Programming Tutorial

Topple Challenge

Interested in construction, earthquakes or physics? If so then this may be just the activity you have been looking for. Click the link below for activities, information and a mark scheme.

Zolpidem For Sale Online Topple Challenge  

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Build Your Own Wind Tunnel

Interested in testing, running experiments or Aerodynamics? If so take a look at the material in the links below. Use the presentation along side the handout to complete the activities and learn all about wind tunnels and aerodynamics. HANDOUT and QUIZ- Build Your Own Wind Tunnel Activity Pack

PRESENTATION – Build Your Own Wind Tunnel Activity Pack

Build Your Own Catapult Interested in energy transfer and projectile motion? If so try this challenge out. Use the handout to complete the activity and build a catapult. Catapult Challenge Catapult Marking Scheme

Design an Aircraft Cabin

Interested in designing an Aircraft Cabin? If so try this activity out. See the handout below for more info.

Zolpidem Online Shop Aircraft Cabin Aircraft Cabin Marking Scheme

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Build Your Own Helicopter

Interested in building your own helicopter? If so try this challenge out. Use the handout to complete the activity and build a helicopter. Helicopter Activity  

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Build Your Own Boat

Design and build a Rocket

Interested in space flight and aerospace engineering ? If so try this activity out. Use the handout to complete the activity and build a rocket.

Rocket Launcher Activity

Rocket Launcher Activity – Teacher Guide

Rocket Launcher Activity – Risk Assessment

Learn about Materials in Engineering

Interested in learning about Materials in Engineering? If so try this activity out. See the handout below.

Materials In Engineering Activity

Materials In Engineering Activity – Teacher Guide





Learn about Aircraft Stability and Control

Interested in how aircraft stay in control while in flight or ever wondered how they ensure a smooth ride and change their orientation at will? If so check out this activity. See the handout and mark scheme below.

Stability and Control Activity Booklet

Stability and Control Booklet Mark Scheme